Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What liquids am I allowed to take on the plane for my infant?

by Marsha Tan, NZ Travelbrokers

Working as a travel agent for the last 7 years, one thing that mothers ask me often is what liquids can they take on the plane while travelling with a child under 2?

I used to say that you could bring anything that your baby requires, and now I'm a mum too, I can speak from personal experience --- so far I have done about 7 long-haul flights with my 23 month old daughter mostly from New Zealand to Asia and to Australia as far as Melbourne and Perth.

Ashley was 4 and a half months old on her first long haul flight to Asia. Being a new mum I was a bit nervous (like most first time mums travelling) so I did my research and called up a few different airlines and they all gave me the same advice...So when it was my turn, I put my own advice to the test.

These are the liquids I bring on the plane with me:

  1. Pamol, hand steriliser liquid, nappy rash cream and other medication. I put this all in one 1-litre plastic bag to separate the medication from the other items. This is just a personal choice.
  2. Pre mixed milk --- 2 boxes of 260ml is just enough for my journey, but the quantity will depend on your child's appetite and age if he is bottle fed. If your child drinks cow's milk, you can ask the steward/stewardess for this onboard as well. If your child is breast fed and you need to bring expressed breast milk, you can carry this on board. The bottle quantities can exceed 100ml as the milk is for an infant, but you must declare the milk for inspection at the security checkpoint.
  3. Juice in a box.
  4. Baby food like canned or jarred, fruits, just enough for the entire journey.
  5. Gel or liquid-filled teethers.

Basically, you are encouraged to travel with only as much formula, breast milk, or juice in your carry-on bag as your baby needs to reach your destination. Each child is different, so as a parent, you can judge how much your child needs.

Flying shouldn’t be stressful for mums or dads. If you need any travel advise or travel quotes, please feel free to email me at

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  1. good advice n tips..i'm going for a trip with my twin boys aged 12 months by june that will be my first n long journey to sweeden, i hope this tips will help a lot..if anyone have tips to handle with twins..pls share it with me..tq guys..

  2. Anonymous, I will be traveling from Toronto to London with my twin girls next month. They will be 4 months old (born June 2010), I will let you know how it goes and any recommendations. As a heads up, you will need 2 adults to travel with twins as airlines do not allow a single adult to travel with more than one child under 2. in addition, they will sit you in separate seat banks as there are regulations regarding the oxygen masks and number of infants in a group of seats.

  3. Great advice thank you. I have 12 month old twins and a 6 and 4 year old. Good to know what I can take on the plane for the twins.


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